Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Librarian Review Essay Example

The Librarian Review Paper Essay on The Librarian Like many took to read this book because of the Booker. Otherwise, it is unlikely to hit me in the arm. I read with the feeling that there is not rarely as clear, but to say that like it happened or power connection, emotional or intellectual pleasure or shock no. The book is written well and professionally, the language is good, from the philological point of view, to find fault difficult. Why the book is not like so much? Rejection appears to cause the contents. In my view, to understand the meaning of this novel can only be a person, even if a child catches the Soviet system. The youth of today, though, and carries the blood of their own Soviet their parents really feel nostalgic for the time unable to matter and perceives the content of both fiction and not as a figurative reality. Libraries, as a group of warring readers of the books of a Gromov, books, nonsensical content, but can be administered in different emotional state after reading them. These groups unsuited marginal, naive and violent, capable of self-sacrifice and accidents to the bone. They are deceived and forced to fight for any interests, which prove to be a struggle for power and influence of the leaders of these groups, libraries, their opaque arrangements and betrayals. The rank and file fighters libraries with their revolutionary and insane, senseless militant enthusiasm, that life has no meaning outside of these associations. Mokhov crazy old woman from a nursing home, which becomes for the main character Moirae fate. Jungian archetypal old women, the electorate in real life that sizzles in the youth back: They want to live well, not as we want what Evo! They actually choose us power. All this Soviet our lives, thats what we do not want to accept, reject Elizarova novel. We want to tell fantasy, nonsense, nonsense, lies, trash, just would not admit that its crazy reality of our existence. It is understandable why, instead of isolation and explaining the events of the author hands of c razy old women puts the main character in a dungeon from which there is no hope of escape. No physical liberty in our world, and only the adoption of this and understand that freedom can only be internal, hero reconciles with his position. Realizing its mission, he sits and pishet- is the only thing he can do in this world deprived of their liberty, it is his mission and his ministry in the name of unknown meaning of the universe. The Librarian Review Essay Example The Librarian Review Paper Essay on The Librarian Recently, I reflect on the following pattern: books, winning various literary prizes (in particular, this novel won the Russian Booker), do not get recognition from the general reader The Neanderthals, highbrow, cronyism and money Whats going on? Readers weight dropped to the Neanderthals? is completely divorced from the people Critics? We will write a custom essay sample on The Librarian Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Librarian Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Librarian Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Or, as they say insulted the authors and their fans premiums , everything is decided by cronyism and money Talk about it with different people -?. This is the place to be all put together, and so was at all times. Mass reader is always not very bestowed the book, which are then entered into the world classics. Critics and experts are always cooked to your saucepan. A pull money and no one has ever been canceled and will not call, because people want stability. So nothing new is happening, said one of them Who am I And I decided to define who I am.? If I think I like the one who wins the prize, it means that I do not hamadryad differently, having learned to read, but something a little more complicated. If we are not special, then at least a person with a strong taste. Got Librarian. I read, pozeval, ponasiloval himself has read. No, the taste I did not have. I have this book is not something that first gave, I would have it, probably at the reception stage still rejected. So, I hamadryad? Its a shame it became to recognize. Maybe it through connections or a grandmother, and I here omit yourself? I go into the question. I decided to read what others have written about it. For if through connections, the majority of specialists have to curse, and those that Grandma got to be a little bit, because less money than specialists, and all of them can not buy, and therefore those who have not received, write the truth. Specialists praise, almost all. It turns out, not for the grandmother. Dai, I think, poizuchat ratings. too bad standing in the rankings. I climbed up on the reader forums. If the book diverges so, it means that people have and simple, like me, write something. Yeah, odds, she won the award because, of course. The award it is always intriguing. Reviews conflicting someone praises, but most of the people spat at best perplexed. In short, I hit it again to the crowd, which did not like this novel. He even wanted to read it, understand what Im in it and did not understand what the depth of thought and what beauty is not appreciated. However, he could not, the taste is not enough, and thats it. Potoskoval I potoskoval and was forced to plead final gamadrily without any literary taste, and crashed my self-esteem lower than five cockroaches in the deepest basement Im a man of the crowd -. I, for the most part, like in modern literature all that everybody likes. Note that there is not a success, and that like. Success can be achieved technically, but love is not. It is love that gives the most reliable and long lasting success, which does not always happen at the start of a deafening, because they love quietly to myself. So what I mean? Do not provoked this book at I love her, in spite of the success with the spices and even a good sales in the masses, Ive also bought. Eh. What love the phenomenon would be enigmatic even a man of the crowd, as it does not explain the chemistry and advertising technologies. Even what may this book will go into the world classics and will live forever, and me with my opinions and dust does not remain, not shaken my heart.

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