Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Consists of ten short-answer questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Consists of ten short-answer questions - Essay Example According to Murray (2012), examples of prewriting strategies include free-writing and brainstorming. Prewriting strategies are writing techniques used by individuals as they prepare to write a research paper, essay, or project. They are consider the preliminary stages in ascertaining and as well investigating a subject matter. In free-writing, an individual scribbles down each and every thought he or she has regarding a particular subject matter. In brainstorming, an individual recollects what he or she can remember regarding a particular subject matter in his or her mind. Subsequently, these recollections are scribbled down on a in form of a list. It is worth noting that free writing involves writing opinions that one generates in his or her mind regarding the matter in question. In this writing strategy, the correctness and precision of what is being written down is not imperative. The main objective is to generate ideas that can be useful is structuring the paper. In contrast, focused writing involves scribbling down individual thoughts centered on specific question. Though free-writing are focused writing are similar, the essayist in focused writing writes down his or her ideas focusing on a previously described or delineated project or question (Murray, 2012). A comparison and contrast paragraph elucidates the variations and correspondence among two or more subject matters. It is important to posit the fact that there is no limit to the number of variations and correspondences indicated on the paragraph. A cause-and-effect paragraph, on the other hand, is a paragraph elucidating the reasons behind a particular occurrence. This type of paragraph seeks to offer a response to issues put forward by a particular subject or mater (Murray, 2012). In other words, a cause-and-effect paragraph answers the why while a comparison and contrast paragraph explicates the

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