Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Effects of Mass Media on Modern Youth Essay

The Effects of Mass Media on Modern Youth - Essay Example Youths’ view on things, opinions as well as attitudes change so much too. They have a tendency of copying styles of famous people leading to them forgetting who they really are. They try their best to look like celebrities and forget to work hard in school for good marks. The internet enhances a mode of style, behavior and fashion that leads to youths looking alike and behave similarly. This internet influence leads to social segregations; rich youths of the age between 15 and 18 slur poor ones. Unfortunately, this leads to crop of uncouth social practices. The negatives portrayed by the youths in the society are a result of the willingness to awaken people about them. For instance, the negative effects of addiction are spread through advertisements. Newspapers, internet and TV are used to pass social messages. But sorry to say sometimes, the message conveyed is misconstrued. The ‘awakening often does not reach everyone as intended or it reaches the public in the wrong way (Jacobs, 1992). As such, there are a proportion of youths that is influenced by media while there is another proportion that takes the message in the wrong way. Media overloads youths with lots of information. It is so addictive that once a person is glued to it, he or she tends to forget everything else. In most occasions, when youths are not watching television, they are surfing the internet, when they are not on the web, they are probably reading newspapers, and when they are not reading anything, they are likely listening to something.

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